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Like a Pro
This Tip works for 90% of all players - you will be amazed!
Squash improvement has never been so easy
Want  15% more POWER from your Backhand Drive    instantly?...
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This is the most cost effective way that you can get high quality advice - learn from the comfort of your home and check it out for free.
What the videos will teach you:
How to get 15% more power from your standard Backhand Drive .
Why this is so effective:
  • We have been coaching Squash for 35 years, this is just one of the methods that will make an instant improvement in your BH Drive outcome.
  • This works for 90% of players.
  • This method will also improve your consistency in hitting a straight Drive Target. 
  • We use your body to prove what we say works .
  • There is no need to go to the Gym and workout to get this extra 15% power, we just show how to unleash it from your own body.
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About The Creator
Garry Pedersen
Garry is the founder of Squash and has spent the last 3 years developing and producing an extensive library of Squash improvement videos. 
The in depth technical advice sets us apart from others with clear methods you can apply to your game for great results, video is simply the best and most affordable way to achieve this.
  • Your site is the best thing that happened to my squash, and the highest quality of all sites in the web world, and I have checked everything regularly. 
    Ole John Aandal    Oslo
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am enjoying the site - my swing has already improved and I am learning a lot about my bad habits which I have been trying to figure out for a number of years without success. I also looked at other sites by the way and in my opinion your instructional videos provide genuine insight into the mechanics of the swing and for that reason stand out among the competition. This is a real asset. Your teaching style is also very good in my opinion.
    Martin Molyneaux UK
  • We look forward each week to the video bytes and the go away and practice with much enjoyment. Our family come from a small country town and as such don't have access to city coaches. Squash Analysis is a great tool for our community to improve their game and hence enjoyment. If you ever pass through our small village it is "our shout"                           John Maloney Coutts Crossing       NSW
  • Hi Gary You are at super hero status with respect to your videos here in Canada. . Great job, keep it up!                                                                                                                               Lester Jinks    Canada
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